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Common Heating System Repairs

heating system repairs

heating system repairsHaving the comfort of heat in your St. Louis area home and the confidence of a working HVAC system starts with proper installation and continues on to the maintenance through the life of your system. Maintenance and annual check-ups are common to keep a system running for the duration of its life, about 12-15 years. Additionally, continued servicing will ensure your heating and air conditioning systems will continue to operate at maximum efficiency, saving you time on repairs and money on utilities over its lifetime. At Meyer Heating and Air, our team of professionals travel throughout the greater St. Louis region to Arnold, Fenton, Ballwin, St. Charles, O’Fallon, Chesterfield, and Sappington to ensure our customers and homeowners have their heating systems operating in the best condition possible. With over 30 years of professional experience in the industry, we are insured, bonded, and licensed, working on both commercial and residential properties with both electric heating systems and gas heating systems. But as a homeowner, how do you know when it may be time to call the team at Meyer Heating and Air to stop in for a repair or checkup? While some issues with a heating system may be common sense, there are also issues which may require repairs that are not so obvious.

Common Heating Repairs that we see at Meyer Heating and Air

When our professionals are in the field day after day, we see a lot of different issues that arise throughout the St. Louis area when it comes to heating systems and repairs. Especially as the colder, winter months grip the region, making sure you can identify an issue and call us immediately for a repair can make or break your HVAC system’s life and the comfort of your home when the temperatures really drop. Not only that but as homeowners, an HVAC system is your home’s arteries during the winter. The furnace is the heart of the home in many ways, and ensuring that the furnace is operating effectively and efficiently to provide the ductwork warm air is not just about keeping you and your family comfortable, it is also about keeping your pipes from freezing and damage from occurring. We thought we would provide a list of some of the most common repair jobs we see throughout St. Louis leading into the cold season.

  1. Lack of maintenance on your HVAC system is a sure way to put you steps behind in efficiency while increasing your costs of operation significantly. Regardless of gas or electric-operated furnaces, heating and air conditioning systems must be maintained throughout their lifetime and should always undergo annual checkups. Contact our team at Meyer Heating and Air and we will put you on the schedule so that you have peace of mind your system is operating effectively.
  2. Filters that are dirty or clogged are often some of the most common repair jobs seen with HVAC units. As a homeowner, it is important to change out your air filter every 90 days or so to ensure your system is not working overtime by pumping restricted air, as well as making sure the air that is circulating throughout your home is clean and free of allergens or particles. Dirty and clogged filters make your heating and air conditioning systems work that much harder to produce enough air to regulate your home environment to the desired temperature. An inefficient system means you pay more in utilities and do not benefit from your system’s hard work.
  3. Pilot light issues can arise and should be monitored in a gas heating system. Meyer Heating and Air has seen issues with heating systems in the St. Louis region where the pilot light burns a different color than blue. In some cases, it means there is more carbon monoxide entering the air and a repair should be performed immediately.
  4. Thermostat malfunctions can often be a blessing in disguise. Many times, a homeowner may adjust the thermostat with limited response or maybe a lack of heat coming from the furnace and wrongfully think their entire HVAC system is acting up. Sometimes, it could mean the connection from your thermostat to the furnace is off and proper communication is not happening. Especially with programmable thermostats, issues can arise where a solution may be as simple as replacing the batteries. Referring to your thermostat’s manual will often resolve the problem without having to spend money on a costly repair. If you are still having issues, a service provider at Meyer Heating and Air is happy to provide a solution to your problem.
  5. Rising energy bills, noises, or continually blown fuses could be a simple electrical issue or it could mean the end is near for your heating system. While a common reason your circuit breaker may trip is due to a blower malfunction, it may also be an indication of a larger electrical issue that should be addressed immediately. Additionally, rising heating costs could be a sign of a heating system in need of a small repair or cleaning, but it could also mean a failing system ready to be replaced. Identifying a problem and making the necessary repairs to your HVAC unit can extend the life of your heating system. However, while our team attempts to identify the source and fix any problem, at times the only option is to completely install a new system.

In the case that all self and professional repairs and remedies are exhausted, RUUD Heating is one of the best in their class for heating and cooling systems in residential spaces. Meyer Heating and Cooling is a RUUD Factory Authorized Dealer which means we guarantee our work and are backed by one of the top HVAC companies in the industry.

Every homeowner knows that part of the deal with owning a home is performing regular maintenance and repairs on the home and its appliances. From Ballwin to Sappington and St. Charles to downtown St. Louis, having an HVAC team you can count on for your heating system repairs and regular maintenance is one step closer to peace of mind and confidence knowing that if something goes wrong, someone has your back. At Meyer Heating and Air, we have you back and bring over 30 years of experience to the repair, installation and maintenance jobs we see. Ready for your next heating or air conditioning maintenance, repair, service, or installation? Contact Meyer Heating and Air at (314) 845-1929 or send an email to service@meyerair.com. You can also find our team at 11404 Gravois Road, Suite B, in St. Louis, Missouri. We are eager to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.