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Add an AC Inspection to Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

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Take Care of Your St. Louis HVAC System When You Book Service with Us

While you’re making your spring cleaning to-do list, you’re probably adding tasks like cleaning baseboards, decluttering, donating clothes you don’t wear anymore, and giving your floors a thorough post-winter scrub.

Meyer Heating & Air is here to remind you to include your residential HVAC system, although the only fingers you have to lift to clean it are the ones that dial our phone number or book service online.

Keep reading to learn why you shouldn’t skip this important task and to find out how to schedule maintenance for your St. Louis home.

How to Schedule St. Louis HVAC Maintenance

Meyer Heating & Air offers two easy ways to schedule your AC maintenance visit. Use the one that is most convenient for you.

We perform air conditioning maintenance during regular business hours, but can assist with emergencies 24 hours a day when you and your HVAC system need us the most.

If you don’t yet have a service agreement, we recommend signing up for one when you schedule your maintenance visit. Our service agreement can help you save money on maintenance visits, plus includes other benefits. Learn more on our website or when you call us.

What Happens During a Spring HVAC System Inspection?

Before you turn on your air conditioning when the weather heats up, schedule a maintenance visit with a technician from Meyer. During the visit, our technician will complete a number of tasks to ensure your AC runs like it should.

The technician will inspect your outdoor unit, called a condsensor. The tech will check your refrigerant level, which is a chemical that helps cool air as it circulates through your air conditioning unit and into your home.

The tech will then remove debris from your condenser cabinet. Using a garden hose is helpful for cleaning. After inspecting the base pan, cabinet, control box, fan motor and blades, and compressor, your visiting HVAC technician will head to your indoor unit.

Inside, the technician will clean or replace your HVAC system’s air filter, lubricate the motor, clean the blower housing, and inspect the rest of the parts, including the ignition system, safety controls, and evaporator coil.

Finally, your technician will test your air conditioner to ensure it is cycling as it should.

Is an Old AC Unit Responsible for Cooling Your House? Replace It This Spring.

If you still have an air conditioner that uses R-22 refrigerant, also known as Freon, our technician may recommend that you consider having Meyer coordinate the installation of a new HVAC. In St. Louis and around the world, R-22 has been phased out of production and use in modern equipment. This kind of refrigerant is both difficult to obtain and prohibitively expensive to refill.

How can you tell if your AC uses R-22 Freon? It’s easy. Just ask our technician or check the data plate on your outdoor condenser unit. Look for the phrase “Factory Charge.” The type of refrigerant your system uses will be listed next to or below it.

You can also request an estimate for St. Louis HVAC installation through our online scheduler if you determine on your own that it’s time to upgrade to a new, energy-efficient Ruud air conditioner. Select “Get a Quote for a New System” in the drop-down menu.

Upgrading means you’ll avoid the high costs of repairs as your current HVAC system ages. You’ll also see savings on your energy bills, as energy-efficient Ruud systems come in SEER ratings above the industry standard.

Another Residential HVAC Spring To-Do to Consider

After we clean and evaluate your AC or upgrade your HVAC system, you might consider adding an air purifier system installation to your to-do list this spring.

An air purification system improves the indoor air quality in your home and reduces allergens that trigger asthma, sneezing, itchy eyes, and other upper respiratory symptoms. Air purifiers also reduce other particulate matter in the air you and your family breathes, including bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores.

Request an estimate through our online scheduler. Select “Get a Quote for a New System” in the drop-down menu. Under “Estimates,” select “Other Estimates.” You can skip the photo upload step if you do not have an existing whole-home purification system. If you do, we’d love to see what you have in place so we can best determine how to prepare for our estimating process.